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Welcome home.


I grew up spending my summers in small prairie towns.


The sun, the people, the wide-open plains were ones that continued to inspire me, ones that I continued to come back to. There's just “something different” about a small community. It's like Cheers "where everybody knows your name." There's nothing like it, that feeling you get when you know that you belong somewhere.

Summer after summer, I dreamed about returning back to these places that made me feel most at home.

After the year that we've collectively had, I knew it was time.


Time to return here. Time to step forward in a new way and to use my gifts and skills to make a difference. To be a part of supporting these communities that have continued to support me.


Upon finding Erickson I knew this is where I needed to be. This is where I wanted to open a Café.

A space of gathering community together for good.


Our values of Community, Quality and Opportunity have continued to weave their way into the foundation of these floors.


Since we opened our doors this community has been everything. The Iris Cafe was a labour of love to open.

A dream so many came together to lift off the ground and for that we are forever grateful. We continue to weave this love back into every latte we pour, every local vendor we support and the admiration for every person that walks through this door.

Because despite it all, we are still here. And this is because of your support.


The Iris Flower, Is my mother’s favourite flower. Symbolizing hope we believed it to be the perfect seed to be planted here.

One of possibility and growth.


Of what happens when we all come together for a greater good.


Our hope for this community?


That we may be that safe space you get to come back to. Why? Because right now we need this more than ever. A place

to come home to, to gather, to land and be in connection. What better than to do so over a warm cup of local coffee.


Cheers, to you.


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